Taekwondo Classes for all Ages

Curious Cubs


Curious Cubs is a class structured for those who are too “curious” for our Little Lions program. The class still includes the basics of our Little Lion Program but incorporates more tumbling, exploring and of course using their curiosity in a positive manner.

Our Curious Cubs age appropriate self-defense and stranger danger training are also important parts of our program, with a focus on communication, child safety skills and conflict avoidance training. We use plenty of positive encouragement while instilling self discipline and developing better concentration.​

Little Lions


Our Little Lions program for ages 4 to 7 teaches self-control, self defense, manners and goal setting. Academy Masters and Instructors promote a positive attitude in your child. Children learn balance through coordination drills and focus drills. Our students learn proper TaeKwonDo techniques, basic tumbling and have fun staying in shape. Children love our academy, and our Instructors care enough about all our students to teach proper age appropriate martial arts, not violence.

Juniors and Adults


Our juniors and adult TaeKwonDo program is a unique positive Martial Arts Leadership program. We teach martial arts while incorporating practical self-defense tailored to children while learning forms, kicking techniques, blocking, hand techniques, creating a balanced mind, body and a positive philosophical outlook on life.  We have adults participating in all aspects of TaeKwonDo from the age of 18 all the way up to 68! It is never to late to learn martial arts!